Saturday, February 18, 2012

Water and Wind

Water and Wind.

Two very powerful forces. Combine them together and you can have an unstoppable force. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could tap into this type of power?

Well, you can. The secret lies in observing nature and how she moves. Notice how water and wind typically swirls or spins or spirals.Water and wind also have the habit of moving into open spaces, finding the weakest points and entering in.

Once you can see how nature moves, watch how you move. Are you stiff and resistance or are you flowing and accommodating? Begin to watch how your mind moves as well. Same thing. Are you stiff and resistant to life with judgement or are you flowing and accommodating with resilience and non-attachment?

One of the best ways to feel energy is to practice 'just standing'. Kamae practice is also good. Listen and feel. Eventually the energy will make itself known. I like Sanchin Dachi for energy flow. The stance itself creates a flow of energy from the ground up through my joints and into my hands. The practice of Sanchin Kata is great for this...but it does take persistence and time. There are no shortcuts.

Another practice to feel Water and Wind is Chi Sao, or Sticky Hands. Sticky hands practice is a great way to feel how the ebb of flow of your opponent and how to find 'the open spaces' for moving into. The more you practice with your body and mind in this way, you will understand more of what I say and begin to see how being Water and Wind is the beginning of a great new chapter in your martial career.

You will find your are able to flow more easily with your opponent and generate a tremendous amount of force when needed. Remember, not only are Water and Wind flowing and accommodating, they are also strong and forceful when they need to be. You will see and feel a whole new way of punching and well as moving and breathing. Life gets more fun. Hope my ramblings make some sense.

Take Care...