Friday, May 1, 2009

Some More Action Pics w/Bokken

PJ (right) waiting for an Overhead Strike with the Bokken

PJ slips to the right and swings Bokken

PJ finding his target

Joel's turn to slip to the right

Joel finding his target

Joel's follow through

Both did a fine job on keeping technique sharp without risking harm to Sensei. I appreciate that.
This is one of our most basic Bokken movements and very effective. Lots of principles involved that apply to armed and unarmed combat. Mostly, get out of the way but be in a position to strike back and run. We have fun. As you can tell by the blurring we are moving fast and if PJ or Joel don't get out of the way, they will get hit.

During Samurai Summer this year we will focus on two sword techniques as well as honing our Bo skills. A majority of the Yudansha actually like the Bo and the Jo. So, students...get ready for some sweating outside in a few weeks.

Hands palm to palm,

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