Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Indra's Net

Indra's Net
Indra's Net is a Buddhist metaphor to show the interdependence of all things. The Net of Indra is a jeweled net, each reflecting upon each other. Each jewel representing a single life, or teaching or being. We are reflections of each other. All the world's great teachings are but a reflection of each other. Touch one jewel in the net and you have touched them all...reflected in them all.

This became so apparent to me a few years ago. I was preparing to facilitate a Men's Wellbriety Group with my coworker, Gina. When I walked into the group room she had already posted the 7 teachings of the Grandfathers. Gina is an addictions counselor and a member of the Mohican Nation. As she had them listed on the white board and we began discussing them, it flashed into my head, "This the Bushido Code of the Samurai." Almost the exact same 7 Virtues.

A few days later as I was reading about the energy systems of the body, more commonly known now as Chakras. This term borrowed from the yogic traditions shows 7 chakras each with a set of qualities...and you guessed it...they were almost identical to the 7 Teachings and the 7 Virtues.  Chakras were not only known in India, but have been referenced in the cultures of the Andean shamans, the Navajo, and even the Jewish traditions...the 7 Stars of David. Even the ancient Greeks knew of the 7 energy centers as evidenced in the medical symbol the caduceus.

Everything is a reflection of each other. Indra's Net. I found this interesting and provided some fun popcorn for my brain.

Hands palm to palm,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recieved a Cool Honor!

My new job has kept me pretty busy and my writing time for the Broken Bokken has been I am also working (almost done) on my next book proposal.

This post I would like to share some fun news about a cool award I received from Master Farouk Gibbs of the Yudan Sila Bela Close Quarters Defense Academy out of New York.

He wrote "There is much in my heart that I would like to say about Master David Nelson. He is a gift to the martial arts world. When I reached out to him for advice he did not hesitate to provide me with great information. Master Nelson, please continue to spread your wealth of knowledge."

I am honored by his words.

Thank you Mr. Gibbs. I invite all of my Budo friends to check them out on FaceBook. This is a cool bunch of Budo-brothers and sisters.

Hands palm to palm,