Monday, June 29, 2009

Lessons from my Zafu: Relationships

Most of know, or at least are aware, that all things are inter-related. That true independence does not exist and that we are all interdependent, not independent beings.
One thing I learned sitting upon my zafu is that I am in relationship with it. Just like a friend, there are times when I like being with my zafu and there are moments I just can't bear sitting on it. Even though my zafu is an inanimate object, I still am in relations with it. We are interdependent. Sitting zen is less comfortable when not on my zafu.
This relationship concept extends to all things in our lives. Right now you are reading this on a computer screen...probably sitting in a a desk or table. You are in relationship with all these things.
Prior to sitting on the zafu, as well as the end of zazen...we bow to the zafu with a gassho. With this palm-to-palm motion we are signifying our oneness and acknowledging our intimate relationship with the zafu. I now find myself gasshoing to a lot of inanimate objects, like my computer, my chair, my desk, my clothes, my house, my get the picture. All of these things help support my life. I am in relationship with them just as I am with animate objects like humans, cat, dogs, birds, etc. With this simple motion I also give thanks and acknowledge our oneness.
Try gasshoing to everyone and everything.
This simple lesson has enriched my life...and has helped me as a martial artist as well.
Thanks for reading...
Hands palm to palm,

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  1. When we give the highest honor or respect to the (simplest) things in our lifes it (I think) creates the same for all things! Does one marvel over the seed to a tomatoe plant in the same way one would marvel over the fruit? We most certianly should because they are one in the same just in a different form.