Saturday, July 25, 2009

Try this next time you sit Zen.

Here's a little twist on Zazen if you are interested in trying it. Rather than focus on your inhale and exhale, place your focus on the 'feeling' or 'impulse' just before you inhale...and exhale. Simply notice the difference in the energy and quality of your sitting.

My recommendation, as always, is to make a daily regimen of Zazen, even if for only five minutes a day. Daily practice, no matter how little, is a good thing. If you can extend it to 30 - 40 minutes a day this is good too. Also to re-iterate, when the mind wanders away from the spot before and after each breath, simply return to it. Be gentle with is normal for the mind to wander. Do not worry about perfection...just practice as you are.

Plus, I just had to post this comic strip one more time. I found it on the Tao Wow blog...which is good reading by the way.

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  1. Yeah, and Tao Wow ripped it off from my bog. :)