Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Goal or Not to Goal

What if you didn't set any New Year's Resolutions?

What if you never set any goals at all?

What if you made no provisions for the future?

What if you just lived your life moment by moment in total faith that all is provided when you need it?

What would that be like?

Are you bold enough to do this?

Can you have faith that you are complete and whole just as you are? Right now?

Can you see that the 'self' you wish to improve is a ghost? 

Can you see the 'self' is just an illusion of the senses? 

Can you see that to try and improve something that is a ghost and just an illusion is pure folly?

Can you understand that to set a goal actually hinders you and your flexibility to be responsive in limitless ways?

Can you see that to now set a goal, even if it is to set no goals, is a goal as well and puts you in a bind? Oh, what to do? What a dilemna!

To goal or not to goal.

What do you say?

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Unlike my younger years, I fly free and easy now, taking each day when, if , it comes and make no promises I can't keep. No goals. Too much pain in my past that I have learned from that destroyed or took too many goals away.

    Happier, less stress, content and proud with who I have become and what I have. Exploring new things is so much more vivid now!

  2. No me to have a goal. The only me is infinity and I'm everythingy.

  3. I do not aim to state any resolution, but when there is one, I do not resist.

    One came to my mind, though: after re-reading my facebook statuses in 2010, I decided to be less judgmental toward everything. Is this a goal or not a goal? I do not know. I do not evoke it, and I would not resist it...

    BTW, nice, thought-provoking post, Shinzen. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I like your line of thinking--very outside the box. I often say, every year that my new year resolution is to never make new resolutions again. ;)

  5. @Rizal: non-resistance is the stop and judge, goal or no-goal, you set resistance and then are trapped.

    @James: Thank you for the compliment. I've been told I am a bit unorthodox at times...just now growing into it a bit more.

  6. I'm feeling your train of thought here. I often say every moment can really be the start of a new year, so I don't make a big fuss over the resolutions.
    To be in alignment with one's purpose as often as possible works for me, and I suspect, would work for everyone.