Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dim Mak for Anxiety & Depression

My life is going through a lot of transition lately. My wife took a new job 3 hours away in Madison, Wisconsin and my son and I are waiting to join her when school is out. We are facing the pressures of selling our house in a slower (but getting better) housing market, so we can purchase a home in the Madison area. I face the challenges of joining a private practice or starting my own. I also have lots of writing to do, not to mention a full time job and the stress of managing a lot of multiple competing demands.

So, some times my emotions swing back and forth through anxiety and some depression as life presents itself to me. I had a "aha" moment a few weeks ago after Master Tim Vocke and I began talking about Count Dante, the controversial '60's martial artist who proclaimed himself to be the most dangerous man alive...he claimed to be the master of Dim Mak...well, he isn't. ..I am now!!!

I discovered the Dim Mak, or Death Touch, for difficult emotions!

It's Gratitude.

Now, I've always known and have practiced gratitude and counted my blessings when times get tough, but when I realized it acts just like Dim Mak, I got excited.

Remember, Dim Mak, doesn't necessarily kill your opponent immediately (even tho it can), but mostly it has a bit of a delay to it. Gratitude does as well. While counting my blessings and being thankful, my mood doesn't shift right away to glorious hallelujahs, but slowly transfers the chi of blessings to kill the anxiety, the worry, the depressed mood. Over time, the uncomfortable emotions have been 'killed' and I am feeling better.

Practice more emotional Dim Mak...practice gratitude all day long. Gassho to all things in thankfulness for supporting your life. Your clothes, bed, sink, floor, doors, pots, coffeepot, driveway, garage,...everything supports your life. Give thanks...you are Dim Mak-ing negative forces entering your life...and it feels good!

Research Dim Mak and see how it works...practice Gratitude. You will soon see what I see. It's fun too...and then you will be the most dangerous wo/man on earth!

Hands palm to palm,


  1. I like your writing in this post. It has good information, and the style made me chuckle...a great quick read for this morning!

  2. Ah, yes . . a great reminder on the subject of gratitude . . I'll do some research on Dim Mak, many thanks David :-)