Monday, May 16, 2011

Zen Master Bee

A beautiful spring day today. Went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine, the birds flying, bugs buzzing and hearing children playing in yards. My mind wandered onto the subject of how nature doesn't measure success by profit or loss. Everything is just as it is. 

Nature doesn't measure period...yet, we has humans live lives of quiet desperation (I love Thoreau)...we live in fear and fear is a by-product of measuring our lives in terms of profit/loss.

And then just as I was getting lost in this thought a huge bumble bee buzzed by and broke my trance! Fear raced through my body. I am seriously allergic to them...ahaaa!...Nature testing my thoughts and insights...I was in fear of life/death from a bumble bee! Thank you Zen Master Bee for waking me up!

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Ha, ha ... yes, nice wake up call you bumbled upon there Shinzen! Were False Expectations Appeared Real for a moment? Of course, as young Ruby told me just this morning as I walked her to school (she's only six), and I quote, "Bee's don't want to sting us, they just want to get their nectar from the flowers, don't they?" Yes Ruby, quite right!

    Nice post David :-)

  2. haha, great stuff. Enjoyed the story, and you must have had a chuckle when reflecting on the influence of the bee.

  3. @Doug: Let it Bee, Let it Bee! :-)

    @Matt: Thanks...and yes, I had to laugh at myself..I just hope nobody saw me flailing like a drowning

  4. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  5. Haha, in fact nature does not measure anything... it is simply a human habit! Tell me, dr.Hypno... can we use hypnotis to remove the measurement stick in our head?

    Or maybe a sting from a Zen Bee, haha!