Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recieved a Cool Honor!

My new job has kept me pretty busy and my writing time for the Broken Bokken has been limited...as I am also working (almost done) on my next book proposal.

This post I would like to share some fun news about a cool award I received from Master Farouk Gibbs of the Yudan Sila Bela Close Quarters Defense Academy out of New York.

He wrote "There is much in my heart that I would like to say about Master David Nelson. He is a gift to the martial arts world. When I reached out to him for advice he did not hesitate to provide me with great information. Master Nelson, please continue to spread your wealth of knowledge."

I am honored by his words.

Thank you Mr. Gibbs. I invite all of my Budo friends to check them out on FaceBook. This is a cool bunch of Budo-brothers and sisters.

Hands palm to palm,

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