Monday, November 3, 2008

Congratulations to Verna & Tyler!

Verna Micik and Tyler Albertson, Jr are now Yudansha in the Broken Bokken Dojo! They passed their Black Belt (Shodan) testing with flying colors (mostly black & blue) on November 1st.

I want to extend my Thank You to the Review Board of Zen Goshindo Black Belts...Phil Yee, Kristy Yee, Tyler Albertson and Rick Micik. Also in attendance, two dear friends and Shorei Kempo Black Belts, Jen and Dan Lutsey. Thanks for your support.

Karate and the Martial Arts are truly a family event. Verna's son, Rick achieved Shodan last year, along with Tyler Albertson, Sr. And now 'Little Tyler' (even tho he's taller than all of us) is Shodan as well. These two families have been with me since Day One, nine years ago. The Albertson's also have one more member of the family coming swiftly up the ranks...Tia. Watch out for her. She's getting good!

The Yee's from Decorah, Iowa and the Lutsey's from Omro, Wisconsin are two married couples who share the love of Budo as well. I'm fortunate to have a brother in the martial arts, Shorei Kempo Master, Robert Nelson. Bob couldn't be at the testing because he was soaking up some sun in Orlando with his family, who also practice the arts. It's great to have close family members in the arts...and then also our Budo family.

Martial Artists share a great common bond and friendship that is hard to describe, but once you become a Martial Artists you have 'family' where ever you go. It's great!

I also want to thank Andy Johnson and Tia Albertson for assisting in the Testing as well. Their help is appreciated.

As soon as I figure out the technology for getting my pictures on this blog I will do so. I wasn't successful last evening, so I will try again. I am still a White Belt at this stuff!

One last comment. During the padded sword play were defining moments for both. Tyler made sure I didn't have any more hands left as he swiftly and adeptly made cuts to my wrists (now bruises). Verna simply made sure I wasn't coming after her any more. During a clash she kicked me in the bladder and when I bent over all I could feel was the sword against the back of my neck! Great job to both!

Take Care....and again, Congratulations Verna and Tyler!

Sensei Dave

ps. Anyone with pictures from the event, please send them to me as I want to post some of the photos.

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