Friday, November 7, 2008

Healers Among Us

I just posted a picture of our two new Black Belts and the November Board of Review (plus Tia). As I was looking at the picture I noticed something. Most of us make our living in the healing professions or are associated with a healing institution. As you are most likely aware, many Martial Artists have made their living as healers, mostly be default. We have a wonderful knowledge of the human body and are aware of its strengths and weakenesses. Over the years we will also sustain more injuries than the average person and must know how to heal and self-manage pain.

Many of the old masters in the martial arts made their living as bonesetters, herbalists, acupuncturists, etc. They were well-versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and many of its modalities. The same applies today. Let's look at who is in the picture and their healing arts.

I will start at the top row with Tyler Albertson, Sr. Although he does not make his living as a healer, he is well versed in Jin Shin Do and if you have ever received a session from him you know his Qi is strong. He also has great intuition.

Then there is me. I am one of those Psycho-therapists and use a variety of Qi-based and Meditative Arts in my practice.

Next is Dan Lutsey. He is a Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner out of Green Bay. He also has great Qi. He almost put me to sleep with a great neck and shoulder routine at the Fu Chen get-together last May.

His better half, Jen, works at ThedaCare...I believe in Telecommunications. (Jen...If I am wrong just let me know). ThedaCare is one of Wisconsin's largest health care providers.

Kristy (Schilling) Yee is an MD. She is in General Practice and also delivers a lot of babies in Decorah, Iowa. Kneeling in front of her is Phil Yee, her husband, also an MD and a surgeon. (We won't let him handle knives in the dojo...too scary).

Next to Phil's right is Verna Micik. She is a Surgical Tech at Shawano Medical Center...and the proud owner of a new Black Belt! Next to Verna is her son, Rick, who is a freshman at UW-Stevens Point. He is planning on becoming a teacher...which I include as healers.

Not to forget Tyler, Jr. He is a junior in High School and a new Black Belt as well. Tia is an 8th grader in Middle School. They have a great future ahead of them and are also learning healing and meditative arts.

Well, that's it. Just wanted to point this out as an observation that there are healers among us...and that the traditions of Healing and Martial Arts continue to travel together.

Be Well,
Sensei Dave

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