Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Yourself

When you are content to be simply yourself

and don't compare or compete,

everybody will respect you.

Lao Tzu

I will post in the near future more pictures from this weekends Black Belt testing, but I want us to notice something. It is important to see that all three participants are unique. PJ is built like a mountain. He reminds me of the legendary Mas Oyama of Kyokushinkai. Strong, stable and durable. Joel is average height, slim and rubbery. He flows easily and has natural timing and rythym. Mariah is petite but there is nothing small about her attitude. She defends herself like a crazed badger. She moves her hands, feet, elbows, knees like a blender chopping and slicing anything in its way. Trust me, it's scary.

All three are now Black Belts. All three with unique and special talents. All three have different ways in which to defend themselves. Given similar situations throughout testing they all performed different 'techniques' yet all extremely effective.

The testing this weekend reminded me of how a follower of the Way uses what is given to her or him and does not compare or compete. Just use what is yours and respect comes your way. If Mariah or Joel tried to defend like PJ they would get stomped. If PJ tried to use Mariah's blending it would not be as effective. They all use their own talents and are learning to be content with this and growing into it. Such is the wonderful way of the Tao.

Take Care,


ps...more pics later this week. I have a hectic schedule.