Friday, April 3, 2009

The Warrior Healer

This week I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop by Mr. Philmore Bluehouse. He is a Navajo Peacemaker and Medicine Man. It was invigorating to listen to him discuss the Warrior's Path. Just like in Budo, the Navajo Way emphasizes that the Warrior must develop his or her Nurturing or Healing side. Without developing and listening to this part of Warriorship, the Warrior is out of balance and, in short, nothing but a bully or punk. A balance of this duality is a part of their ancient traditional teachings and depicted in their artwork as well.

You can see the non-balance in today's martial art's world. It is the macho guy who thinks he can kick everybody's butt and that your art is only good if you can take someone down. Remember the Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid? That type of mentality. You can see it alot in the MMA fighters who are really young...or any style for that matter.

It was wonderful to hear and see the wisdom of the Warrior Way in the Navajo traditions. Mr. Bluehouse lives what he preaches. You can tell he is an authentic Warrior/Healer just by listening to his words and feeling his spirit. He is the real deal. Prior to being a Peacemaker/Medicine Man he was in law enforcement and held very high rank. I encourage all Martial Artists to look into themselves and find the Warrior and the Healer inside of themselves. One thing I found really cool. He spoke of the Arrow and how it can be used to take life or give life. This is the same teaching traditional Budo has with the Katana. It can be used to take or give life. Wisdom is wisdom.

Remember, authentic Budo means to 'Cease the Struggle', besides 'Way of the Warrior'. This means to create peace, not only in ourselves, but our communities. This is why the Broken Bokken Dojo conducts a Zen & Healing Arts Retreat every September, with the proceeds going to local charities. We want to remind fellow Martial Artists of this path and to provide opportunities for learning different types of healing. I know many of us are on this path now and want to thank you and encourage you to continue. This part of our Martial Way must be emphasized or I feel we will lose our authenticity as true Warriors.
A preview of this Falls retreat we will have our own Sensei Tyler Albertson teaching us more Jin Shin Do. I have other Warrior Healers I am going to invite and am thinking of having some round table discussions about Healing and the variety of Healing modalities. If any readers who have attended in the past have any imput or suggestions let me know.
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