Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farts and Zen

Did you know Farts and Zen have a lot in common?

Yep, they do.

Farts can be silent and deadly...and so can Zen. Farts are deadly to other people in the room, small animals and plants. Zen is deadly to your ego.

Farts can be rip roaring funny! So can Zen with the likes of Ikkyu, layman Pang and other crazy clouds. The guy in the picture is an enlightened being...yes, really.

Farts can burn your asshole.  Sitting zen during sesshin, especially late at night, causes your asshole to burn. The zafu feels like one big hot coal.

Farts can stink up a room. So can Zen when you talk about it too much. There is an old saying that those who just talk about zen but don't practice it...stink of zen.

Farts come in many different styles, such as the previously mentioned silent but deadly, butt burner, poofer, goose and so on.  So does Zen. You have Soto, Rinzai, Nio, and many lesser known sects.

Farts come through what can look like a Zen Enso.

Hey, if any of you can think of anymore add to the list.

Hands palm to butt....aaah,


  1. Both farts and Zen are too cool to make sense LOL :p

    BTW love that guy riding the motorbike, maybe I should buy myself a clarinet.

  2. Rizal: You must have a bike already...LOL!

  3. You need a good sense of humor about yourself and life in general to appreciate Zen and farts alike! ;-)

    I never thought about flatulence and enlightenment together before. There's always a first. huh? lol

  4. Zen and flatulence have been together for years. Why do you think they burn so much incense!