Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letting my Inner Ikkyu out for a moment.

Channeling my inner Crazy Cloud Ikkyu.
A moment from my book signing at the Fu Chen Kung Fu studio.
Just for the record...Black Belt Healing does not include beer...but it did taste great after a long workout.

A more refined picture lecturing at the seminar. I really can look normal...just don't want to act it.

Hands palm to palm,

photos courtesy of Sifu Paul Marquardt of Fu Chen Kung Fu/Rhinelander, WI


  1. congrats on the book :D

    I'll have a beer for you Friday.

  2. Let me take advantage of the occasion to congratulate you and to thank you for your book which I am now in the process of reading.

    Trying not to feed the "tropical bears" in Puerto Rico.

    That cold one looks good.

  3. Ta Wan and Jorge: Thank You.

  4. Congrats! If I send you a copy I bought, will you sign it for me?

  5. Felicia: Yes...just email me at and I will send you my address.

    ...and Thanks.