Friday, October 29, 2010

Some new Mind-Swords

In my book, Black Belt Healing, I describe three primary mind-swords that manifest health and healing.  In working with people one thing I have discovered is that some people still need to "cut out the past."  Pondering this I realized we have another set of three mind-swords. This set is for cleansing and clearing the past and contained in many spiritual and religious traditions.

These three mind-swords are:

The knife - this is Gratitude.  Being thankful for what you already have and where you are right now is important...even if it is uncomfortable. Gratitude as I have described in previous posts, brings us to the Now and begins a shift in our emotions and awareness.  So, when you are feeling like sh*t from past memories or life is just feeling difficult, give thanks...and mean it. I will add a smile and a gassho.

The short sword - this is Contrition.  Contrition is asking forgiveness and saying you are sorry...not to an eternal being or god, but to the situation you are experiencing in the Now.  It is important to accept responsibility where you are right are responsible for where you are. You may not have caused 'the problem' but you are responsible for where you are. Make sense?  So, simply say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness, and once again, mean it...feel it.

The long sword - this is Love. Not the sappy romantic love, but the deep compassion you can feel when wishing others happiness and blessings. It is simply saying 'I love you'...and smiling...and seeing in your mind's eye all beings being blessed.  A gassho works for me once again.

Using these three mind-swords can help clear away negativity that might be impeding your health or healing. I have a tendency to get virtigo from time to time, especially when I forget I am in my fifties and still think I am in my twenties...and try to free spar to heavy.  So, when I get the bed-spins at night, I begin a routine of saying, Thank you to the spins/vertigo because it is showing me my life is out of balance right now.  I then ask for forgiviness for manifesting the vertigo through my mind, body and behavior.  Then I give it feelings of compassion and do my best to embrace it (see 'don't feed the bears' chapter in my book).

It is amazing how this helps me deal with the bed-spins, nauseau and lack of sleep. After this I put into forth my other set of mind-swords to create health and healing towards a balanced perspective and life.

In Gassho...


  1. It is certainly interesting to use these meditations and visual mind keys such as the swords. The long sword was what I needed just now, to feel love for the all the beings in their billion different lives.

    I pictured many pained faces who I have seen in my life, either pained by age, disease or position and I loved a smile onto each of their faces.

  2. Timely post. I am 42 and also a karateka in the Sankukai Style working towards my 1st Dan. Lately I am prone to migraines when the barometric pressure shifts and I try to meditate and clear the mind. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Does your book cover a wide range of healing topics and is it available as an e-book ?
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you TaWan for the feedback.

    BD: Yes, the concepts in my book will most definitely help you. All forms of discomfort operate under the same principles. My book is not in ebook. You can purchase it through me or amazon or tuttle publishing.

  4. Very nice. I shall try this next time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    In gassho.