Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testing my stress limits...arrgh!

Life has a way of throwing a lot of stuff at you. In the past few weeks my two daughters have been very ill. One with a nasty virus that has effected her lungs, the other stung by a bee. My daughter who was stung is in college 3 hours away...she is allergic and went into shock. Fortunately a friend grabbed her epipen and gave her the doseage.

My wife and son, both have had surgery and lots of pain afterwards. My wife had to have a d&c to check for uterine cancer. Everything is okay as tests came back benign. My son had to have a eyelid repaired as it drooped due to a weak muscle-tendon connection. It was effecting his vision.  Both of them, on the journeys home had break-through pain that caused my wife to pass out and my son to cry.

On top of this, once again, a top ranked bookseller, this time Barnes & Noble has screwed up an upcoming booksigning by forgetting to order my books. The one at Borders I had a few weeks ago, they accidently sent my books back just before the signing. What's up that?

Oh, well. Just gotta keep on one day at time. Everything does work out well. My son is recuperating well (I am home with him today...his surgery was yesterday) and he is feeling fine. My wife does not have cancer. My daughters have recuperated and are well...and my book signing for this weekend will go on. 

What is there to learn from this? Not sure right now. Just needed to vent a bit. I feel better already.

In Gassho,


  1. I learned that I've got it easy.

    Thanks for the lesson.

  2. They sound hard, Shinzen. But I guess you go through them all well. I guess that's exactly what you can learn from it; to go through them and let them pass.

    I hope your wife and childrens can go through the experience as well as you--and learn the best out of them.

    In gassho.


  3. Thanks Kevin and Rizal...I am getting through them...don't have much of a choice. It's like having to rip off a bandaid you know is going to hurt. Just gotta do it.

    I'll be home with my son tomorrow too. He's not feeling confident staying home by himself yet. He says his vision is still not the best. I'll try and get some writing time in.

  4. Sending gentle hugs to you and yours...

  5. Thanks Felicia...I can feel those hugs...nice.
    My wife is having her followup with the docs today...actually, as a write this. My son's eye is looking better..he looks like a prize fighter who lost tho. I appreciate everyone's concerns. We're all doing better and once again thanks for all the prayers, hugs and kind words.