Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Underground Zen Combat: Sanchin Dachi

Sanchin Kata is my staple. It is the Kata that speaks to me like no other. In this post I am going to share with you a very exciting lesson that inspired me greatly. Now, if you don't do Sanchin, this is going to be a 'so what' moment. But if you practice Sanchin and are really into combat, this will crack your cosmic egg.

The first pic is an Enso. It is the circle of Zen that points to completeness and the unlimited power of your pure nature/mind. Quantum physics uses this to display the vacuum field of unlimited potential...same thing. This is the Ku/Kara of Karate.

Now...take a look at Sanchin Dachi. Super-impose this stance over the Esnso. Take the left foot and put into the center where the dot is. Take the right foot and place upon the circle. Done correctly the circle will travel from your right toe to the right heel.

Sanchin Dachi is a Living Enso. It represents unlimited power and potential. It is the 'emptiness is form, form is emptiness' of Zen. With over 40 years of doing this stance, I 'feel it'...and it is awesome. From here, I feel I can defend myself easily. The Ki, or energy, that flows up from the feet and through my body and hands is...well, no words capture it other than 'cool'.

Remember the post on Sanchin with the number 3, for 3 Battles? Three also represents infinity. It is more than two and stretches forever...Combining these two you can see, hopefully, how Sanchin shapes up to be a Kata of unlimited power and defense. You can't get it with your thoughts or feelings, only practice. So practice, practice, practice.

Hands palm to palm,