Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling all Sanchin-holics!

"Hi, I am Dave Nelson, and I am a Sanchin-holic."

Most of you who know me know I am fanatical about this Kata. If there is a version of it, no matter from what style, I want to see it and do it. So far I have studied versions from Goju-ryu, Isshin-ryu, Goshindo, Uechi-ryu, Kyokushinkai, Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu and Feeding Crane Kung Fu. They are all great!

I am always on the hunt for versions and interpretations of Sanchin and I am looking for other Sanchin-holics as well. I know you are out there.

If you know of or have a post or comment about how you interpret the 'Three Battles' , or know of others, I would love to hear from you. Whether it is straightline traditional or so far out there people question your sanity, I want to read it. Nothing is too far out there.

Hope to hear from you,



  1. Don't know if you have seen this one: on YouTube "Comparative Karate san chiem ( sanchin ) San zhan".

    (Indirectly commenting zenHG), Sanchin is a powerful karate training tool that is often misused, abused, and misunderstood, but esential. But don't get me off on it. I'll remain silent.

  2. Thank You Mr. Morales-Santo Domingo. I had not seen this. It's great!
    I will have my students tune in.

    and ZenHG...I agree with you...Sanchin is often misunderstood, abused and misused...that is why it is so fun to study!