Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sanchin Bunkai: Double Lapel Grab

Happy New Year!

Let's start the New Year with some Sanchin Self-defense techniques. Sanchin is a wonderful kata for close quarter's combat as it gives us a good root to maintain both mental and physical stability as well as the movements to defend ourselves.

In the photos we have Tyler Albertson Senior and Tyler Albertson, Junior. Tyler, Sr is being attacked by Tyler, Jr with a double lapel grab and beginning to pull him in.

Tyler, Sr as set his root and brings his arms up in Sanchin 'Crane' posture. He then 'sinks' Tyler, Jr.

After sinking, dependent on Tyler, Jr's position, Tyler Sr can choose his response. In this situation, Tyler, Jr has leaned to his Dad's right, which sets him up for Tyler Sr's right elbow across the temple.

If Tyler, Jr would have sank straight down in front of his Dad, Tyler Sr could shoot out both hands to his face or thumbs in the eyes. This would stay 'truer' to the outer form of Sanchin, however, here Tyler, Sr is using the inner 'form' of Sanchin by exploding into his attacker.

Notice Tyler Sr stays in his spot. He neither moves forward or backward. Getting back to photo two, you can notice Tyler Sr's right forearm tucked in his son's left elbow area. As he slides his arms back this draws Tyler Jr down...and if done swiftly with good root and breathwork, it also snaps the attacker's neck back a bit giving him a surprise.

Practice and get a feel for how this works. Nothing fancy. This technique also works well in our winter wonderland when the attacker is wearing a heavy jacket and boots and the footing is slippery or uneven due to the snow and ice. No need to do anything fancy and worry about slipping. Just stay calm with your root, disrupt his purpose and restore harmony.

May your 2009 be full of Health and Happiness!
Shinzen Sensei

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  1. Oops! After the third photo, Tyler Jr leans towards his Dad's right...not left.