Thursday, November 26, 2009

Self-defense tip of the day.

Back from vacation...and while I was relaxing many thoughts ran through my head and so here is one of them.

Think about this for a moment. In the Mixed Martial Art's world there are rules the fighters must abide by, for instance, no head butts, no eye gouges or direct throat strikes. Well, gee, so what do you think you should do in a fight outside the ring?

Yeah....head butts, eye gouges and direct throat strikes. Here's a list of other prohibitive techniques in the ring, but perfectly okay on the street when your life or the life of loved one is in grave danger.

Head butts, eye gouges, throat strikes, biting, hair pulling, clawing, fish hooking, groin strikes, strike to spine, downward elbow strikes (especially to back of head or spine), spitting and my favorite....fingers in any orifice of the body. It is amazing how fast a guy will let go of you when you put your thumb up his butt.

It feels great to be back from vacation...I might post some pictures when my daughter downloads them to me.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Welcome back.

    Reading quickly over the end of the post I got thumb butt pictures hand palm.

    Reading the post more carefully this is amazing what two people will do to each other. A guy raised his voice to me yesterday and I had to gently correct him for it. I still have a little echo hanging over from that event as I hope he can now move on from it. I can't imagine how much of a ripple it may cause if we were in a ripping and gauging match and not just me calmly dissecting his argument and leaving him apologizing. Barely a word spoken in my exchange but here we have blood spilling and ripped bodies.

    Note to self if we meet; Don't spill his green tea :D

  2. Thanks for the welcome back...and yes, ripping and gouging leaves a major karmic echo...this is why the practice of peace and the deep understanding of 'Indra's net' is so important in the martial arts. To harm another is to harm ourselves...there is no other and there is no I. I know you understand.

    And it's okay to spill my tea...just not my coffee!

  3. Um, interesting post Shinzen . . remind me not to wind you up once too often ;-)

    Gee . . I can't remember the last time I stuck my thumb up another guys butt . . but it wasn't during this lifetime, that's for sure. I take your point though; I know that when the chips are down it is quite possible that I might do whatever needs to be done . . .

    I hope I never have to go to such lengths . . .

    . . .There 'butt' for the grace of 'Tao' go I . . comes to mind :-)

  4. Yeah...when your arm is about to be busted at the elbow from an do what you need to do. It sounds funny to use your thumb in such a manner but it is actually a very nonviolent way to get out of tough situation.

    I like 'there butt for the grace of Tao go I'...nice title for a new post.