Friday, November 6, 2009

Shamans at Work?

Did you ever have a series of events that were so synchronistic that you knew it was not pure coincidence or chance? Last week I had three events occur over a three day period that blew my mind away! If you want to know what those are keep reading...

About two weeks ago I had asked in my 'prayers' to have new seeds for my next book. I have had a lot of ideas, but nothing really was coming through that struck me as inspired thought, so I just let it go. Well, I had a two day conference to attend in Appleton, Wisconsin and was staying at a downtown conference center. Across the street from the center is a Bookstore full of used and new books as well as crystals, alternative healing paraphernalia, incense and various religious icons. Cool store.

While I was browsing the used book section, I 'chanced' across the book, "Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval" by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. Dr. Villoldo has studied with the Peruvian Shamans and learned their healing practices. Now, the Shamans of Peru never interested me much before, but for some reason I bought the book. I took it back to my room and read it over the course of the evening. I liked it and noticed he had a previous book, called, "Shaman, Healer and Sage."

The next day after the conference I stopped at another used bookstore on the way of out town. (Yes, I am a book junkie) Now, to be honest with you, Dr. Villoldo's other book was not on my mind at this time. As I was wandering the bookstore, I stopped and then the thought came to me, "I wonder if his other book is here?" As soon as I asked, the book literally 'popped' into my sight. It was the only book I could see. This was a very weird experience. Of course I bought the book.

It gets better now. So the next day, I had to speak at a conference. A colleague of mine had asked me to fill in for him as he couldn't accept the speaking engagement. So, I did. I was on a panel with two other counselors from tribal clinics explaining how substance abuse effects the elderly. As we were introducing ourselves, one of my fellow panelists, began to explain how she is a counselor but also does energy work. She went on to explain how she had traveled to Peru and studied, with, you guessed it, Dr. Villoldi's people. I was blown away!

Afterwards I had to share my story with her and pulled the two books from my bookbag. We both got those 'chills' from this extraordinary moment. We talked about our experiences and our different healing practices...she is also a Reiki Master like myself and I shared with her my 'Mind-Sword' healing practices.

The events all flowed so seamlessly. Where it is going from here I do not know. All I know is I have had some great ideas for my next book that feel like the 'right path' I just have to put it to paper.

In Gassho,

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  1. I believe that you have experienced the Secret to life in action! What we as humans feel, think, embrace, ponder, pray for, mull over, dwell on, in our minds(inner reality) presents itself onto our outer reality for us to witness. We do this knowing or unknowingly but we DO do this. Awesome! Thank you.

  2. Thank you...a few years ago my son and I were at a garage sale...and prior to that he had been interested in the Japanese game of "Go"...well, as we were browsing the rummage the thought came to me to look for the game...and just like magic...there it was. Two bucks...such a deal!

  3. My whole life is one big synchronistic chain of events, but I think if people pay more attention they might find the same is true of theirs.
    People I have met, places I have been, there is always an underlying feeling, still, it seems beyond my grasp at this time, but things happen to reinforce this feeling.

    Some things are just beyond our current abilities to comprehend.

    -Dave (ZenHG)

  4. I agree. Life is one big balanced dance. At times we are 'in step' and others not. The Law of Attraction, as was alluded to earlier, is always at work, whether we are aware of it or not. Great to hear from you.

  5. The law of attraction is an interesting way of putting it.
    Shamanism has a teaching that some would refert to as the 'web of connection' or something like that, everything is connected on this web.
    Sort of like Indra's net, but Shamanism would seem to be a basic instinct, or natural trait universal to all humans that crosses the boundaries of culture.
    Interesting that you should bring it up here since I have been having some rather strange dealings with it in my life myself.

    -Dave (ZenHG)

  6. Nice. I notice you mentioned Go. I was in India and a friend and I were making a Go board with two colours of button from the tailors shop, a cut of cloth and a permanent marker. Not really knowing what to do next and with just a print from the internet on basic instructions a guy popped up next to us. He said his Sensi was a master of Go and that he could get us going. We spent hours with him as he played with us like a skillful cat and two weak mice. from that point in the trip we played Go every day and all the better for our induction.

    What your chain of events (probably not over yet) was, was like mine, a very overt occasion where the synchronicity is highly visible. It also operates, as stated above, on very subtle levels. This is the operation of the universe exposed by it acting in the unsubtle manner,.

    Anyway, nice story. I tend not to go with "The Secret" as a concept of much validity as it was painted in such a materialistic manner. The more subtle actions are more magical than the material gain postulated.

    I have a feeling that the real outcome of your book hunt is yet to come :)

  7. Thank you. I agree...the best is yet to come...and this story continues to unfold in even more magical ways up to this moment. More than I can put in this comment.

    I also agree 'the Secret' is a bit materialistic and I use it though as a form of subtle 'trickery' (upaya) to get people to see and think differently.

    I suck as a Go 13 year old son busts my chops every time. In fact we were playing over the weekend.