Thursday, December 31, 2009

Naihanchi on the Ground

About fourteen years ago I had published an article on Naihanchi Kata in "The World of Martial Arts" magazine. It showed how the principles of Naihanchi can relate to some ground self-defense when you have someone in your guard and they begin to punch you.

I have done my best to show you Naihanchi Shodan (Tekki/Naifuchin) standing and the ground comparison. If any questions...ask...and explore this for yourself. The concepts are more important than the exact technique. Hope this makes sense to you all.

One photo on the ground is is with the first 'wave kick'. This is a push on the attacker's hip to move him down so as to execute the second 'wave kick' which wraps around the head and pulls the attacker down into an arm bar.

In the white Gi is Chris Hadfield...he came to me with almost a decade of jujitsu and ninjutsu training. In the black Gi is Mike Mullin, or Iron Mike, as we call him. Tough as nails. He's the guy I mentioned who defended himself against three attackers in one of my other posts. The guy standing is me...with black hair even!

Take Care...and Have a Happy New Year!

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Awesome! These will provide some good food for thought for a long time.

  2. Thanks..if any questions just ask. A fine point is the 'elbow smash' in pic 4 is bringing the elbow in to push the attacker's right arm out and down. Even the head turns work because this occurs when he is being pulled in.

    Play with this and let me know what you come up with.