Monday, December 21, 2009


As a majority of the world enters into the holiday season, whether it be Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, etc., the Buddhist community finished its December 'holiday' earlier this month.

December 8th, or Rohatsu (8th day of 12th month) celebrates the day Gautama Buddha achieved complete and unsurpassed enlightenment.

Different Buddhist sects celebrate differently. In Soto Zen we honor the time with a 7 day Sesshin. Yep...we sit on our butts for seven days and stare at the wall! Now, I didn't do this myself this year, but I do honor the day with some extra time sitting zen and giving thanks. Typically, sitting begins December 1st and ends the 8th...although it can be held on different days.

Just had a few moments and this crossed my mind so I thought I would post it.

Hands palm to palm,

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