Thursday, January 14, 2010

Depressed? Money Worries? Unappreciated?

In my alter ego as a mental health professional and doctor of naturopathy, I am often asked if I can prescribe medicine. I say I can only prescribe one is Fukitol.

It must, however, only be taken on a belly full of laughter. When taken with laughter, this pill will help change your ability to see life and lift your mood almost immediately. Take as needed...and feel free to share with friends. It is addictive...but this is a good thing.

Warning: When taken on a belly full of seriousness, an upset stomach and/or emotional distress might occur. If this happens consult your local yogi, taoist or zen lunatic for a perspective checkup.

This pill was distributed through and is not intended for use with people who have no sense of humor.

Hands palm to palm laughing out loud,



  1. Well here is 1yogi, 2many times a lunatic, calling in to tell you that I've been taking the fukitol pill for years and its never done me any harm, ahem ;-)

    I know this one well and I love it Shinzen, thanks for reminding me just how good it is, and so easy to swallow . . .

  2. LOL Thank you so very much for breaking the blahs and making me laugh. I really felt as tho you were talking directly to me! Thanks again, I have enjoyed reading everthing you have written. Salute.

  3. Anonymous: thanks for the kind words and for reinforcing my controlled folly :D

    Doug: I had sneaky suspicion you've been on fukitol for a long time! LLOL!