Friday, January 8, 2010


I know this is an old joke and when I came across it again it still made me smile. We all need a smile once in awhile and so thought it would be fun to share.

This Zen Buddhist Monk walks up to a hot dog stand and says to the vendor, "Make me one with everything". So the vendor makes him a hot dog with everything and then hands it to the Zen Monk.

The Monk gives him a twenty dollar bill. The vendor takes it, puts it in his cash register and shuts the door. The Zen Monk says, "Wait, where's my change? "The vendor replies with a smile, "Change must come from within".

Hands palm to palm,


  1. I'd never heard it. Glad you shared :D

  2. Smile? I had a laugh!!! :D

    Thanks for sharing this, Shinzen. Nice joke. We really need jokes, indeed :D

  3. Thanks Ta-Wan and Rizal...I was looking for an old list of why Zen is like Sex, but came up empty. There was a list of ten...I can remember a few: 1. You can dress up in funny clothes and do it. 2. You can do it in groups or alone. 3. You can study it, even get a PhD in it, but it doesn't mean you really know it.

    If you come across it, let me know.
    As usual...LLOL!

  4. Brilliant . . never heard that one Shinzen, and yes, had me laughing as well . . I'll be using it for sure.

    Thanks for sharing :D

  5. All right! Thanks Doug...I can recirculate all of my old jokes my family and students groan at :-)