Saturday, December 11, 2010

Need help with title of next book.

I am in the process of putting together a proposal for my next book.  I have some working titles I want to post here...and get some feedback from readers. Even if you aren't a martial artist, let me know which title grabs your attention or piques your interest. If you want you can rank them. Give me the top three.

The book is going to be on how I see Sanchin Kata and how it has spoken to me over the last four decades. It will have some philosophy and applied self-defense situations based on my insights. It is sort of a new twist on an old kata...but maintaining the historical integrity of the form. I 'see' things in Sanchin I have not seen in other books. So here are some working titles with subtitles following the colon (feel free to mix and match if you want) Again, just go with your first impression:

1.The Sanchin Code: Ancient Secrets of Self-defense

2.Contemporay Applied Sanchin: Breathing Life Into an Ancient Kata

3.Sanchin Speaks: Life Lessons from Karate's Most Venerated Kata

4.Wake up to Sanchin: Re-Discover Karate's Ultimate Combat Kata

5.Emptiness Becomes Form: Zen & the Art of Sanchin

6.Zen & the Art of Sanchin: Emptiness becomes Form

7.Cracking the Sanchin Code: Breathing Life into Karate's most venerated Kata.

8.Cracking the Sanchin Code: Unlocking ancient secrets of creative combat

9.Neo-classical Sanchin: A new twist on an old form

10. I am a Sanchin Slut: (no subtitle...this just popped into my head...must be the cold medicine)

So...rank order your top 3 or suggest something...or rearrange...just wanting some feedback...if you have questions, put them in the comments...

Hands palm to palm,


  1. First pick for me :# 5
    Although I got a chuckle out of Sanchin Slut, maybe it's the alliteration ;-)

  2. Surprisingly I agree with BD. #5 got my attention the most. Of course there's number #10... if you plan to make it a humorous book :)

  3. Wow...thanks for so many responses already...have one from FB...#3 and #4 and/or first half of 4 and second of 3.

  4. Thanks Felicia...

    More suggestions from FB friends:

    #5 with 10 as subtitle...thanks Steph

    and 1,6 and 7 with a suggestion:
    Secrets of the Sanchin Code: Spiritual Teachings of Karate's most venerated kata...thanks Nixon!

  5. so far, for a working title to send to the publisher...

    "Emptiness Becomes Form:
    Zen & the Art of Contemporary Applied Sanchin"

    Who knows what they will do it with it...I am going to make a deadline for myself on 1/1/11 to send in the proposal. Just have some finishing touches to do...

    Thank You Everyone who gave feedback. Very helpful.

  6. I have one more week before my self-imposed deadline on a working title...and at this time, with research behind me (and listening to a mass comm. college instructor..hi felicia..."Cracking the Sanchin Code" will be the primary title...still fine tuning the subtitle....thanks.