Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ryokan and Winter

Thanks everyone who gave me feedback on a title for my next book proposal.

It's been snowing a lot the last few days with 4-5 foot drifts around my house...and in my driveway. Funny how it works that my neighbor one door down has almost zero snow in their driveway and mine looks like I could go downhill skiing.

But, I won't complain. Back in the late 1700's Zen recluse, Ryokan wrote some poetry about his winter experiences. I will share.

"No begging in town today.
The snow falls and falls.

I lie down near the hearth
and stretch out my feet to the fire,
But still the cold pierces my belly."

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Nice post and poem!

    No snow here right now...the cold spell is, seemingly, over...and the sun shines; it feels autumnal now. I would love to be able to pop over for a quick ski with you, although the begging will have to wait till the weather's a little more clement... ;-)

  2. Ditto with Doug. I particularly enjoyed the simple poem.

    Nah hope this comment can post well :)