Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All Is Provided

The longer I am in the martial arts, the more I see how what you need is always there. When during an attack, the assailant actually gives me what I need in order to defend myself. This is difficult to put into words, but let's say my assailant attempts to push me straight back with both his hands. When his hands come at me I have a variety of ways to work with this and will take the one that 'feels' and 'flows' better. I don't have a pre-set method of dealing with this attack. What is there I use and the answer is provided. Even after I disrupt his initial attack and begin to 'mess him up' with either joint locks, hits, kicks or all depends on what he provides to me. This dictates the next movement.

All is provided when I need it.

This goes for life as well. Everything I need is already here. It is provided. But just like an attack I need to keep my center...and flow...and smile. Life will provide me with I need to do next. I don't have to pre-think or worry or have anxiety. I just have to trust.

In the martial arts, I trust my training. Defense and movement with another being is natural and no real concern. I am learning the same goes for life in general. Just gotta trust that no matter what life throws at me, I have the skills needed to flow and smile. On my journey this is about growing into my Dharma name of Shinzen...Trust Zen. I trust zen...I trust this moment...I trust that, just like an opponent, life provides exactly what I need to do next. Ahh...freedom!

Leap and the net will appear.

In Gassho,


  1. 'I just have to trust.'

    Love this post Shinzen describes how I 'attempt' live my life beautifully, many thanks for putting it so well :-)

  2. Thanks Doug...I get inspiration from all you gals and guys who read and share on your blogs...thanks for the validation!

  3. In my life I hardly touched the martial arts but this post is speaking about life in general. It is a very wise and true way to be.

  4. Nicely said,
    That has been my observation as well. The less I want , the more I get.

  5. Very nicely put--so water and martial arts has one thing in common, and such is the philosophy of life.

    Anyway, even if we do not have the skills needed to flow and smile... life will surely teaches us :)

    Bow to you. _/|\_

    *Still having difficulty on posting a comment on your blog, dunno why*