Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Five Dreaded Words

While moving through the ranks there were five words you never wanted to hear when you were standing next to Shihan Dean. These simple words were, "Hey Guys, Now Watch This". This usually meant someone was going to get a little demonstration of discomfort...and if you were standing next to him or had been working with him you knew it was you. Gulp.

I remember about 12 years ago I came to visit Shihan Dean as I was living in Nebraska at that time. My brother, Bob, had come up from Appleton to work out with us. My brother is ranked in Shorei Kempo and Goshindo. Bob was video-taping our workout and Shihan Dean and I were doing some kumite when Shihan stopped and turned to the camera and said those five dreaded words. My brother started laughing so hard he couldn't hold the camera still.(He was just happy he was holding the camera). I froze as I hadn't heard those words in years....and, yes, I was given a lesson.

Shihan Dean said to come after him with a flurry of fast punches and he was going to show me how to 'dance'. Those of you who know me know that I am fairly fast with my hands. Well, I couldn't touch the 'old man' (I say this with deep respect). He picked off my punches and kept me so way off balance I couldn't set long enough to even throw a decent punch of any type. So, like the problem student I always was, during this punching time I said to myself, "I will close the gap and slip a front roundhouse kick in and see if he gets it." My foot still hurts.

So...those of you who are traveling to Rhinelander on March 21st for Shihan's seminar, I have warned you. If you hear those five words, "Hey guys, now watch this" make sure you're not the one standing next to him.

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