Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pics from Shihan Dean's Seminar

A Big Thank You to Shihan Dean, Sensei Rob Shepard, Sensei Al Klaver and Mr. Ernie Paulson. A good time was had by all. Anybody got anymore Jow? Enjoy the pics.

Sensei Jen and Brian
Sensei Rob standing....Mr. Paulson being taken down
Sensei Rob
Jean and Sensei Verna
Young Man with lots of potential and some goofy Fu Chen guy...oops...Sifu Marquardt!
Sifu Marquardt and Shihan Dean
Jean and Sensei Verna again
Sensei Dan Lutsey
Shihan Dean and Sensei Shepard
Shihan Dean still hard to catch
Shihan watching the action
Sigung Penca in the black....tough to catch him standing still
Future Goshindo Black Belts!
Sensei Rob and Brian going at it.
These guys were working really hard
Sensei Jen Lutsey
Sigung Penca
Jean and Mr. Paulson


  1. Yikes! Hadn't seen the Sensei Blues since Shihan James Brown's Dojo in Detroit in '82.

    It looks like you all got down to it.

  2. We had a great time. My forearms are singing the blues today...the black and blues.

    Yes, the Shihan Blues were demonstrating a high level form of Sitting Qigong. They didn't move for hours!

  3. Love to see y'all in action, some great ol' familiar faces, and also having a great time! Thanks for sharing pics!