Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons Learned from this Weekend

One of the lessons I re-learned at Shihan Dean's seminar this past weekend is that when your opponent launches an attack it is important to position yourself in a strong posture for quick and automatic defense with power. We practiced lots of tai sabaki, or body movement, close quarters, mid-range and long range. The basic lesson is to be moving but move so you are in a position of power and balance. Shihan emphasized this point during the seminar. It is basic but must be drilled and drilled. Sometimes these most basic of concepts get lost and it is important to find them again.

In the above picture, Sensei Micik has positioned herself outside of Sifu Marquardt's reach and has moved in to counter-attack.

For those of you who attended I would like to know what you learned or re-learned. Please share with a comment to this post. I learned a lot more than just the above but would like to hear from you as well.
Here Shihan Dean has moved just outside of Sensei Shepard's punch. He has moved just off-center of the attack and has positioned himself to launch a counter attack or run.

Take Care...and again thanks to the Rhinelander Dojo for the invitation and great time. Also I want to thank the Fu Chen Kung Fu and Shorei Kempo practitioners for attending. Working out with you guys is always a treat.



  1. Thank you for inspiring us to share and keep alive the lessons from the weekend! Lots of the lessons were great reminders/relearnings. One of my favorites was "You Don't Know." You don't know what someone's intentions are when you meet them on the street. You don't know how good they are. Don't let your ego put you in a dangerous situation because you assume you are good enough/fast enough to handle anyone you run into.

  2. Thanks Dan. This is a good lesson to remember.