Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mind over Matter: Just for Fun

When I was about sixteen I was introduced to hypnosis and the power of the mind to influence change. One of the funnest things that I learned was how to swing a pendulum on a string with just the power of my intentions. Here's how to do it if you haven't learned this already.

Get a string about six inches long and tie a small object to one of the ends. This object can be a ring, like the type you wear around your finger, or a nut from a bolt. Then hold the string at the end with no object and let it dangle above a table. Stabilize your elbow and wrist so the string and pendulum just hangs. Then with your thoughts begin to intend to move the pendulum keeping your hand still. Give it a minute or two and the pendulum will swing in the direction you intend. After time you can even get it to swing in a circle.

For some reason this just tickled my brain...but it also proved to me the power of the mind being able to project my intentions into a physical reality. This proof of the power of the mind over matter helped me conquer my panic attacks. It showed to me that I can do whatever I set my mind's intentions towards. It gave me faith that their is more to this world than just physical matter.

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