Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Simple Sanchin Bunkai

Sanchin Kata contains a lot of stun techniques to get the attacker to move....mostly perhaps to get his mind to move and say, "oops". I will show you one of my favorite techniques to use that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios, but for today we will use it against a standing double hand choke to the throat...perhaps with your back against the wall. It requires the striking motion of a single hand technique.

The technique requires you to use your index and middle finger. Put them together next to each other and curl your others together with your thumb. You will use these two fingers to poke and push into the suprasternal notch. (in the photo below you see one finger...use two). The suprasternal notch is just above the sternum. Push in and down and you will create a choking feeling in your opponent.

From here you take advantage of whatever motion he gives you. Typically his head will drop and his body caves in a bit. Play with it, but be careful...and do not push up during practice as you could damage the trachea. Only push in and down.

Again, play with the different 'looks' you get from doing this technique and see the variety of defenses you have. If you care to share any on this blog, please do so. One of my favorites is to push the notch with my right hand and use my left hand to grab his right hand on my throat. When his grip relaxes from the notch strike, I use a simple outside wrist turn with a little extra pressue on TW-3 and take him down.

Hands palm to palm,

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