Monday, August 24, 2009

Sanchin Bunkai: Simplicity at its best.

Back in 1981, Sanchin saved me from a left hook being delivered by a very angry man. I had just pulled this man off of my boss who was getting the snot (plus a few teeth) knocked out of him. Using a full nelson I pulled the attacker off and being bigger than me he broke the hold, turned and swung a haymaker of a left hook at the right side of my jaw.

As most of you know, Sanchin is one of Karate's oldest katas. It has a plethora of uses. Well, I used one of the simplest and easiest bunkai, or self-defense, applications. As his left fist was circling towards my jaw I simply turned my head to go with the punch. He simply grazed my skin. From there I was in control

A simple head turn. It works...and it is in the versions of Sanchin where you turn. Practice this technique so your eyes can pick up on the punch and just go with it. It sure helped me.

In Gassho...



  1. You are giving away secrets. LOL!

    And if one was to explore the 'in-between spaces'...what would one find? ;)

  2. Socks...the ones lost in the drier.