Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cat Fa-jing

Have you ever watched a cat pounce? If you haven't I recommend watching. Cats display Fa-jing, or explosive power. It is fast, relaxed and very deceptively powerful.

This is what is needed in a life and death self-defense struggle...fa-jing. Quick explosive power that knocks your opponent on his butt. Watch how a cat will wiggle and crouch as he prepares to pounce...then let's go with speed and power. It's inspiring.

This is the kind of power that is developed from the practice of Sanchin Kata. It is quick, relaxed and explosive...and more importantly is easily delivered in close range. Real fights only exist in close range. I have never seen or been in a street fight that was mid or long range. It was always in your face NOW! There is no time to think and you have someone in your face.

This is the time to be like an animal. Not to look like one...but to be one. Many martial art styles have animal names and will move like them, but what I feel is really needed is to BE one! Be an animal whose sole purpose is survival...and will fight to the end to make it happen. When being a cat, like a tiger or leopard, adapt their mentality. Be fierce. When doing Sanchin make your eyes ferocious looking just like an animal's.

The secret to developing fa-jing is attitude. It begins in the mind. Develop it in the mind and the body will follow.

Hands palm to palm,