Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bubbler of Now: Part II

Previously I wrote about how it is important for us as Martial Artist's to discipline our minds and to understand how it is important to meditate upon the flow of the ever-present bubbling of Now.

You see, the Universe is always "bubbling" like a bubbler that is always on and never runs out of water. It is a constant flow of water or energy. Even, static or solid objects to us are in reality a flow of energy, a bubbling of cosmic water flowing from the great 'source', whatever you want to call 'the source'...or if even there is a source.

Bubbling to us is experienced through our six senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing and consciousness. Just as water bubbles from a water fountain the entire universe bubbles forth and flows.

As you bubble forth with the great bubbling that is occurring all around you, you have a choice as to the content of your 'water' and how your 'water' tastes. Is the water you are experiencing full of sewage or sweetness?

Do you put forth clean or polluted bubbling? It is up to you how your water tastes. It depends on your thoughts...your mind's intent. If you see life's bubblings as horrible, awful, violent your water is going to bubble with negativity and taste like crap! Noone will want to drink your water.

If you see life's bubblings as wonderful, full of awe, peaceful.. your water is going to bubble with sweetness. Life will seem easier and more pleasant and people will want to drink your water.

You are going to bubble. You can't stop it. What you determine is the quality of water that bubbles forth from what you call you. That is our gift...the gift of the mind's intent. As Budoka, I believe this is an important thing to know and to develop. The best form of self-defense is the development and practice of peace.

One last question...what if you just watched the bubbling of water with no intent...positive or negative? What would happen?

My random bubblings for the day.

In Gassho,


  1. We'll just call you Bubbles-san.
    Great to hear from you!
    Hey, are you on Facebook? I just started awhile ago and I actually enjoy the networking...or bubbling.