Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letting Go

Previously I wrote about how our mind's intentions are like setting an arrow off into the air towards its target. Our intentions as martial artists can be to become a black belt, master the tonfa or improve our grappling.

In other past posts I have written about Ku/Kara as the Emptiness of Pure Raw Potential. Whatever arrows of intentions are shot into Ku/Kara it will begin to manifest those intentions from the potential latent in the void (Ku/Kara). The arrows will hit their target. (if this is a 'what is he talking about?'...go find "pure raw potential' post)

So, whatever the intention we set out into the void (Ku/Kara), one thing we must do is 'let go' and have faith. Faith that our intentions will come other words hit the target.

The arrow cannot fly through the air unless you let go of it and simply have faith it will hit the target. You cannot guide the arrow in its aim and then have to just let go. Notice the letting go in the picture...after the Kyodo-ka shoots the arrow he opens his arms wide...letting go physically in a state of remaining mind or zanshin. This exemplifies the type of faith we and wide...then the black belt, grappling skills or mastery of a kata you are seeking begins to manifest from the void.

You will then find your actions after letting go, moving in the direction of your arrow...sort of like having to walk up to the target and retrieve your arrow. You have to follow its flight with some action, but only after having let go in faith.

This is sort of a rough outline of the process of actualizing your potential as a martial artist and as a person. We, like nature, are ever expanding and desiring to grow. As humans we have the ability to choose our growth...this, I believe, is part of enlightened behavior. We are now awake to what we are doing, consciously and unconsciously...then we are getting closer to freedom and seeing our truest nature.

I don't like to write real long posts...I have a short attention span, plus I tend to ramble a bit. So, once again, I hope my 'monkey-droppings' make some sense. I could write more but then you might get more confused than I am. If any questions or comments, please provide them.

Hands palm to palm,

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