Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kyudo, the Art of the Bow, can give us many lessons from which to guide our life and to discipline our minds. As Budoka, the real target we are aiming at is self-knowledge and mindful behavior...and it all begins with our mind's intentions.

As in Kyudo, we set the arrow in the bow and aim at the target. Let's ponder this for a moment. What are we really setting in the bow? I contend the arrow we are getting ready to set sail is our mind's intentions...and it carries our wishes, dreams and hopes. I have to ask myself, "What type of arrows am I sending out into the world?" "Am I sending out intentions of joy, hope, faith, compassion or am I sending out intentions of greed, anger, delusion, distrust?"

As you become more mindful of your mind and your thoughts/feelings, I encourage you to be aware of your intentions...your desires....your cravings. What are you sending forth out into space? Are you aiming at anything specifically or are you just randomly shooting arrows?

These are important questions, we as Budoka, need to ask ourselves. Just as important for us to manage our mind-swords of imagination, emotions and is equally important to manage our mind's intentions....our mind-arrows.

What are you setting in your bow right now?

Hands palm to palm,

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