Sunday, February 7, 2010

Felicia found Black Belt Healing in New York!

Felicia, one of the readers of the Broken Bokken, found 'Black Belt Healing' at the Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore at the Palisades Mall in New York.

If you go to their website you can purchase it now if you desire. Go to www. and then click on Bookweb USA.

I am a white belt in the publishing world and all I can think that this is a test market run for the book. I will check with my editor or publicist. So much I don't know about.

Felicia: I owe you one big hug for the fun news.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. I wonder if it will become available at the Kinokuniya in Jakarta. Will be waiting!

  2. Not sure...the parent company of Tuttle is Peripublishing out of Singapore, though.

  3. How funny is it that I KNEW it wasn't scheduled for release until later in the year - so when I saw it I literally did a double take. I'd just stopped by the college where I teach to show my son (who's 16 and interested in the same school) my classroom and I showed him your post on Sanchin. When I told him the book was by the guy in the video, he got excited, too :-)

    Looks like I might hafta get four copies next week...

  4. Hi Felicia...small world aint' it...I love the internet. Again, thanks for giving me some excitement today...I will let you know what my editor and publicist have to say on why the book is in your area. Any hoo...lotsa fun.

  5. A very cool discovery. The world of publishing is indeed a complex one, haha.

  6. Hi Matt...the publishing world is confusing. I can't even get my author copies yet, but I can buy the book in New York. I am still waiting to hear how this parallel universe works :)

  7. I guess my author copies are on the way and, according to my editor, they send out about 25 stray copies to various stores...and some stores display them.

    Wow...Felicia found the strays!