Saturday, February 27, 2010

So now what?

Just think. Every thought you have ever had, every emotion you have ever felt, every behavior you have ever performed, every breathe you have breathed has led you to reading these words right here right now....right now....right now what?

Hands palm to palm,



  1. Pow! Definitely one of my most favorite post of this blog. Simple, minimalist, but strike to point, contemplative, with nonjudgmental tone.

    BTW, maybe you can start selling that "NOW" watch :D

  2. A Buddhist priest/Karate Master friend of mine put a big 'now' sign over the dojo clock during zazen. He caught his students always looking at it.

  3. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................

  4. Hi Shinzen,

    NOW ... don't push your luck! Of course, if there is a 'now', doesn't that by default create a 'then' within the mind of Man?

    Just a non-thought, but if there is only what 'is', and what 'is' is never changing, although 'it' may appear to, is that not the end of now and then?

    If what 'is' is all there is, and it is unfolding as 'this', well that is the end of all duality . . . ;-)

  5. Haha Doug...I can count on you to point out the folly of language. I agree, 'Isness' is a better description of the flowing now...bubbling stream of gremlin goo works for me too...again, we can't have any of it without the observer, which takes us on a whole new level of twisted and hilarious content to play with. Thanks.

    C.Om: Thank you

  6. :-) hey, I'm just playing a game, within a game, within a game of awakening from the game of individuality into....

    Shinzen,you should continue to kill me on this road we traverse together ;-)

  7. Of course the 'watcher' is simply oneness-beingness-nothingness observing the game of individuality that 'it' is playing as 'this' :-)