Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love toilets!

Last night during one of my somnambulisitc states, it occured to me what wonderful technology we have in toilets and indoor plumbing. Kids, today, growing up are growing up in a media world they take for granted. When I was a kid, black and white television was a marvel!

For my dad, indoor plumbing was a miracle. No more outhouses and carrying water into the house. It is even another miracle of heating your house with gas and simply turning up the thermostat rather than having no alternative other than wood or cow dung.

I used to heat with wood when I lived out in the country during my 'back-to-nature' stage of life. Lots of hard work and diligence is needed. I wouldn't change the experience as it does make me appreciate modern conveniences.

We should be appreciative of these convenience, these luxuries that were once hi tech in their day. When we grow up with them we take them for granted. Not having them makes you aware of how dependent and important they are in your life.

Did you ever have the hot water stop being hot mid-shower? When the water heater goes it can throw you for a loop. Indoor plumbing with heated water....Wow! What a concept. Once while I was living deep in the Minnesota woods in this little cabin the electricity went out. No electricity to even run my water pumps and it was mid-December. Cold and snow prevail in Minnesota at this time. I hauled in snow and filled my bath tub to melt on my wood stove to use for washing. Thank goodness I had wood heat and enough wood for the winter. It took about two weeks to get someone to come in and fix the electrical....too much snow and the utilities company didn't like my long driveway.

So, last night, snuggled in bed I was feeling very thankful for toilets, indoor plumbing, water heaters, gas heat and modern conveniences. It is important to be thankful and respectful to these insentient beings. They make our lives wonderful.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Remind me of the day of my two weeks of wilderness training. Man, I love all the the life's conveniences! And I never waste any more food since, they are luxurious once we realize that food is much harder to get when we're on the jungle :p

  2. As a doctor I would prescribe 6 months in India, China or similar to anyone who complains about anything.

  3. Ta-Wan and Rizal: thanks for the great input. When my kids, or myself, begin to complain about having to wash dishes, I remind them to be thankful. Dirty dishes is a sign you had something to eat! When I don't feel like cleaning the bathroom or toilet, I again have to remind myself to be thankful cause I am not shoveling shit out of a hole from an overfull outhouse.

  4. Yes, all very true. What 'is' is simply wonderful. Even when I 'thought' I had nothing I still had so much.

    I genuinely have to go and vacuum out the bathroom now, along with other areas of the house. This is my 'isness', ha, ha, thank you Shinzen ;-)

  5. I had to go camping for 2 weeks to learn to love a good toilet :)

  6. Butler: That'll do it. Camping has a way of refreshing our appreciation for modern day amenities. My wife's idea of camping is slow room service.

    Doug: Scrub scrub that tub! Also great to hear from you again. :)

  7. Sometimes it takes 'not having' before a person can even acknowledge, much less appreciate what they do have. The attitude of gratitude feels so good though, I often appreciate even what I don't have! :-)

  8. So true C.Om. Gratitude brings me to 'ground zero of now' and settles my ever-chattering monkey mind. Thanks.