Sunday, June 13, 2010


C.Om posted on facebook a few day ago about celebrating life.  So true. I love this photo of this child. Wow.

I have noticed that at times I have been way too serious about life...playing it safe. I can use the excuse that I have been raising a family (and still am) and that I need to make sure their safety and security is intact. I accept this as the role of Dad...but I am also to show my family how to truly live!

Sometimes, playing it safe is just too dull. I want to make sure my kids now it is okay to laugh, roll in the mud and just have a good time without having to worry about what others think.  Now, I am not advocating anarchy or a total free for all, but a time of pure jubiliation about being alive.  That life is a celebration of just being here...and it goes by in a flash, like lightening in the sky. You gotta live it up.

So...the next time you feel like playing it safe, mostly because you are worried about what the neighbors might think...stop...remember what it was like when you were 8 or 10 or 13. Then smile, fart, and let out a laugh that will make your neighbors think you have gone insane.  Mine already know I am.  I play in the backyard with swords, nunchakus, bokken and at times just do my kata....I must truly look nuts to them.  I also yell a bit...just enough to feel good...and not enough for the cops to show up. (One of neighbors is a bit nuts and calls the cops if you look at her wrong.)

My neighborhood is full of little kids now, with my kids being the older ones.  When I watch them play they play with abandon!  Now that's fun. That's a celebration. 

On a parting note: As Martial Artists we should do our kata as a celebration. A celebration of our art...let it rip!

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Kids are born with it and then we teach them very hard and very sternly to take life seriously.

    If the kids win the debate the world will be better off for sure.

  2. I agree Ta Wan. We would all be better off...especially with afternoon nap times.

  3. I am lucky to have a Mom who let me to dance under the rain and play with muds, when other Moms were afraid it might make their children sick.

    I still enjoy staring at afternoon sky, or talking wordlessly with a turtle or a fish--some people I could be so childish those moments, well I pray they can sense the delight they've long forgotten :)

  4. Yes, Rizal...very lucky indeed. May you stay forever young.

    Loved your last post on Soul Sanctuary...Can You See Yhis...I wanted to leave a comment but for some reason it wouldn't come up on the page...just wanted to let you know it was good.

  5. My neighbours to far away to care :) Have enjoyd reading your blog am studying with Sensei Purdy

  6. Hi Jerry...thanks for commenting. Say hey to Sensei Purdy for me...everytime I see him it's a blessing.

  7. I whole-heartedly agree! Live it up! I realize that I may often look a little "crazy" or even intoxicated to on-lookers because sometimes I can't contain my bliss, and I don't give a (explicative)! :-) EXPERIENCE is all you really can take with you. It's absolutely more real than money or prestige.

    Also, I appreciate the mention. :-)