Friday, June 11, 2010

Geek 1...MMA fighter 0.

A tough mixed martial artist was surfing the internet and his computer slowed down, froze and became irratic.  Frustrated after trying to fix the problem, he relunctantly called his 12 year old next door neighbor...the computer geek.

The 12 year old came over and took one look at the computer, hit a few buttons, and in two minutes the computer was up and running once again.

The MMA fighter asked what was wrong. The kid said, "It was an ID ten t error."  The MMA fighter looked at him with a quizzical 'what'.  The kid said, "Yes, an ID ten t error."  The fighter, still not getting it, asked once again, "what's an ID ten t error?"

The kid walked over to the fighter's desk, took out a pen and piece of paper and wrote: "Id10t"....then left.

Hands palm to palm,

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