Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Death is our Guide

Did you know death can be very inspiring? In fact, death can be your guide to leading a very peaceful life here and now. In previous posts I wrote about a death meditation that I practice. In this post I am going to briefly show you how to use this death experience to manifest a life that is full of peacefulness, calmness and equanimity.

My death meditation is a simple one. For myself, the best death is to be sitting in zazen on an ocean beach. The sun shining, waves lapping on the shore, seagulls swirling and talking.  I am in between the ages of 85 -95 and then see my 'spirit' leaving my body...feeling peaceful, smiling, all is good. My life's journey is complete and all is well. Nothing left to do. One big 'aaahh' of relief and tranquility takes over.

That's my meditation.

Now, using what is called the Law of Attraction, I use this to co-create my life experiences to be able to experience this form of death. This peaceful death experience is my emotional GPS in going about my daily business. I simply enter into this meditative state and allow it to be with me throughout the day. I also can anchor this experience with a touch of my thumb and ring finger together along with a key word of 'aah'.  As I go about my day, when this 'aah' has left or my calmness/tranquility has left, I simply thank the uncomfortable experience and re-trigger my death experience. It brings me back to now and 'aahh'.

As I practice this meditation, the Law of Attraction will begin to make this death meditation a reality.  Having faith this is my end...and makes this life, this moment, more peaceful and okay.  The struggle ceases. This is the faith of zen.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. With you on that.

    Also a useful reminder of linking a hand gesture to a state so that it can be recalled simply.

  2. Awesome and empowering! I appreciate you sharing this meditation, I have often spoken about the benefits of death, but this exercise really makes the knowledge into a more tangible wisdom. Aaahhh...

  3. Rizal, Ta Wan and C.Om....thanks for the comments. Just about midnight while a write this...and finishing with my daughter's high school graduation I am truly ready to say aaah...and go to sleep. Hands palm to palm.