Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Middle Way

Yesterday, while sitting at my desk, I drew a line down the middle of a legal size piece of paper. I was working on a solution to a personal dilemna I was facing. Well, I drew the line down the paper and in the left hand column I wrote the worst case scenario of my situation. On the right side I wrote the best case scenario.  I am sure you have done something like this in the past, as I have.

I stared at the piece of paper and hit me like a kick in the nuts...but only better!

Both case scenarios are only in my imagination....and not real! The only 'reality' was the thin line I drew down the middle. The Middle Way...of being here and now...staring at this piece of paper.  Of being with the flow of reality as it unfolds. The pen, my chair, desk, sound of air conditioning, etc. All represented by a narrow line...a narrow path.

No decision needed to be made. Life will unfold as it is.

Now, I can influence it, but this just 'ego' getting in the way. Why muck it up with my fears and hopes. Both need to go by the wayside and abandoned...forever.  Then, and only then, can the reality of this moment's joy break forth.

This was validated last evening while doing some bokken free-sparring. Being in the moment was more important than worrying about getting hit (which I did....bloody knuckles) or 'winning'. Thought either way takes me away from Now...the only place I can be. All else is an illusion...notions...thoughts...phantoms and hungry ghosts.

Well, gotta go.

Hands palm to palm,