Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amnesia for Discomfort & my next book

For the past week I have been experiencing some rather intense discomfort in the metatarsal region of my right foot. I figured it was from wearing some new sandals while on vacation, but the darn thing won't go fact, it has progressed in its discomfort. Two evenings ago I dreamt I was walking on a gravel road in my barefeet and when I awoke the bottom of my feet felt as if they were burning. To get them to stop burning I used some visualization techniques to cool the sensation and fell asleep. (you can read more stuff like this in my book by the way).

Well, just this past evening my right foot woke me up with once again a severe burning sensation across the pad of my foot but also shooting into my toes. I tried a new technique using hypnotic amnesia.  I simply told myself to remember to forget the discomfort and then focused my breathing into my hara (remember the red rubber ball technique?). That's all I did and I feel back asleep and had a good night's rest.  I had to do this twice during the evening and it worked both times to get me back to sleep.

I know I am improving and will get better soon...I have a martial art seminar/camping retreat this weekend and will be on my feet all day. I bought some special shoe inserts so I hope this can give me the support I need to facilitate comfort. I am curious to see how it works.

Also, for those who are interested, I have started writing my next book and will have a co-author, Teri Nehring. If you remember back in November of 09 I had asked the 'creative spirit' for seeds for my next book. This led me into the world of shamanic studies and meeting Teri, a healer trained in Andean Shamanism. Well, the seeds have finally sprouted.  It involves warriorship, healing, sacred swords of the samurai, shamanic journeys and wherever inspiration leads us.  I will keep you posted.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Ahhh... pain.
    To me though, pain is a way the body tells us to pay attention to certain part of it.
    So apart from putting hypnotic amnesia to it, I think you need to give it some medical care--if not shamanic one :D

  2. Thanks Rizal...I don't ignore pain. It is important to know when to numb it and when to seek medical care. I know how to do that...for this situation it is rest and ice...and shoe inserts for support. The discomfort is also teaching me to pay attention to my 'walk' in life and pay attention to each step.

  3. My feet feel great after the seminar. I spent most of the day Saturday without shoes, walking in the grass. If felt good and would tell myself that my feet will heal faster in touch with the Earth's energy...heck I even walked across some gravel roads barefooted and it was no problem.