Sunday, July 25, 2010

Train like you mean it...for life.

What the ???
In my last post I discussed martial art training and the necessity to train hard, pay attention and give it your best effort. Training like you are on the street prepares you mentally and physically for a street attack/defense situation than being too lax and just srewing around.

But what about basic living?  How do you train for your everyday activities? Do you give it your best or do you do it half-assed?  But what are the basics? How do you train for everyday?  Well, pay attention to what you are doing first of all.

What is the most basic aspect of daily life that we must train?  Hmmm...I am going to say Breathing. Yes, breathing. Without it you're considered dead. Do you practice any formal breathing exercises, rituals or mindful activities that connects you with your breathe? In the martial arts, if I an take your breathe...I have your mind...I have you.  We study how the body moves during relaxed breathing and anxious breathing...what your body looks like exhaling and inhaling. Did you know you are weak when you inhale? This is when I can attack you. Studying my breathing and others breathing gives me insights into the mind of myself and another.

Just the basics. What other basics of life are you not training? Think about it. Eating is a big one. Not to be too crass, but pissing and shitting is another. Are you managing these areas of your life well? If not, your health is gonna stink!

I suggest you make a list of what you consider basics of attention to them and take some time to train in them like you mean it....after all...your life could depend on it. Just some thoughts. I gotta go,
Hands palm to palm,


  1. After I got done peeing I remembered...Thinking is also a basic of human you train your thoughts? Do you take them well? After all, we become what we think about.

  2. Resonate very well with me lately, Shinzen.

    I have been lazy lately... it's time to return to the training of life. Breathing, eating, and thinking... maybe it's enough for now.

    In gassho.