Friday, July 23, 2010

How do you eat?

How you eat is as important as was what you eat. 

Your thoughts and attitude towards your food determines its impact on your body, mind and spirit as much as the bio-chemistry of the food itself. Think about it. Food eaten in thanksgiving, joy and mindfulness versus food eaten in distraction, anxiety and non-caring.

Do you eat watching tv or do you eat watching the meal?

Experiment for yourself...notice the difference in your day when you eat your breakfast with mindfulness and thanksgiving versus the day you watch the early morning news and scanning your facebook account.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Yes how and what you eat. I eat for my body not my tongue and that means I turn down a lot of food I am offered at work. Which makes others see me as abnormal, but is just nice for me.

    By contrast, many of them chomp on bad food for comfort and instant delight, not for the body, mind and health, and as you point out, they chomp in haste - not considering each lovely nutritious bite, where it came from and what it offers.

    A bit of a sandwich for me is pleasure, for them deeply dull, they choose some junk and they are the ones complaining about work and taking days off sick.

    Hmmm :D

  2. I can relate. At work lunch, my lunchmates talk and talk, hardly noticing what they are eating. Most actually eat fairly healthy (I work at medical clinic)but don't pay attention to the eating. No one kids me, but I rarely say a word while eating. When I am done, I talk...then retreat to my office for some quiet time.