Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anahata Chakra & Rei

Located in the region of the heart, the Anahata Chakra is typically associated with compassion and a surrendering of yourself to a higher power (however you percieve it to be). It is here, at this level, you begin to make decisions about life and your calling...about following your heart. It is here, the Samurai speak of Rei.

Rei is respect, kindness, politeness and all with a hint of morality. Treating others and yourself with Rei keeps this Chakra spinning...and conversely, keeping this Chakra open allows Rei to pour forth.  Samurai culture was full of Confucian influence as well, which called for protocol that implied respect, politeness and refinement of character.

The act of bowing is deeply symbolic of these qualities....and add your hands together you have a gassho.
Also, the wish-fulfilling tree, kalpa taru, resides here, symbolizing the ability to manifest whatever you wish to happen in the world. Thus, following your passion, your heart, is highly creative. As a tree produces fruit so does the Anahata...and Rei.

Surrendering to this higher power within ourselves and listening is the beginning of entering into the higher realms of what it means to be human. It also here, when you learn to trust your martial training that 'magic' happens. Emanating from Anahata/Rei you rise above the physical lower chakras and your ability to see and relate to others begins to shift.

Get stuck here means...well, you"re an ego-centered jack ass. You can't see beyond your own wishes and carnal lusts. Visualizing green in your heart region and simply filling your heart with loving thoughts can help keep this chakra spinning. Also, practice bowing and paying respect to all, sticks, animals, humans...and even the ego-centered jack ass. After all, you can only know he is a jack ass because you have those same elements within yourself. Be peace.

Hands palm to palm..._/|\_


  1. Good stuff, Shinzen! Thanks for sharing - and keep it coming :-)

  2. I also wish to add that when you Gassho..the hands are in front of the heart. Rather symbolic...and perhaps energetic/spiritual as well.

  3. Thanks Felicia...your words keep me inspired!

  4. Anahata Chakra, or Heart Chakra, is somehow the most valued chakras above all. It is considered to be the gate between wordly realm (represented by lower chakras) and spiritual realm (represented by higher chakras). In some tradition like Sufi/Islam, Heart is also considered the center which contains a drop of The Ultimate Essence -God-.

  5. Thanks for the additional info Rizal...Yes, Anahata is in the center of the lower and upper chakras. A very influential chakra...thanks for the Sufi/Islam info. Didn't know that one.